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this is what animation should be

Great Animation

The animation was the hilight of this for me. The intro 'back story' portion was a tad bit long. I read it, but felt a little anxious scrolling through each page. then came the cartoon itself.

As I mentioned before, the animation blew me away. I'm a huge fan of frame-by-frame stuff and this was FULL of it. However, there were a few tweeny parts that felt a bit 'off' (not to say that tweening is bad). At times, the art was inconsistent. Not so much character model-wise, but quality-wise. Some still shots where nothing but looped cape movement was happening, etc.

Call me nitpicky if you will, and I really don't mean to sound like I 100% know what I'm talking about; this is just what I see.

The voice acting could use a little work. It is not up to par with the animation. There ought to be some real crazy screaming and some raw emotion in there.

The character designs aren't really my cup of tea either. I can't say they're bad; they're just not my type. Though, I really love the black, ninja-esque dude with the red, firey outline. High-five on that one.

One final thing I'm gonna nitpick on is the action VS plot/character development. Tons and tons of badass animation and fight scenes. Really smooth, cool stuff. But that took up MOST of the cartoon and I was left wondering a little more about what was going on and who these guys were, etc.

It's probably just me, though. These are just my casual observations. Please keep it up. I want to see more.

Good sprite animation (so far)

I like the speed of this fight. The pacing is perfect. Although the characters and backgrounds are sprites (I know some people have issues with this), I love the classic 16-bit look of the whole thing. The smoke FX and camera work do it wonders as well.

I loved Goku's kamehameha, then kicking Vegeta into it.

I'm hoping for some Super Saiyan action, if possible.

Good luck and I look forward to more.

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First of all, thank you so much for putting Erik in as a trophy! It's an honor to have my dude in such a great game.

The fact that all your trophies were shoutouts to other Flash guys was real classy of you.

Great concept. Really appealing. Fun boss. Simple yet challenging. Physics are great. Nice animation.


DrNeroCF responds:

Just keep making Juiceman stuff and we'll call it even! Heh.


I read your thing where it said "don't take this seriously," so I didn't.

But if it were made into a serious game, I'd do things like make different faces for different levels of pleasure or displeasure. Or maybe more of the "villains" running around at the bottom for different levels.

It was amusing though. Good job.

Hey, take this further.

Well, for a first attempt at Flash games, this is neat. I'm not gonna even pretend I know a damn thing about collision detection or the "two objects being drawn together" thing.

One thing that needs to be fixed is the key sensitivity. It took a good 5 tries before I could get used to moving the dish without it flying like crazy.

There are a few more things that you could do to make this better. For one, make something happen once all the food is collected. Even if it's a picture of Britney Spears getting a ding dong jammed up her B-hole or something. That alone would get you 50,000 cool points on this site.

Also, you gotta make the game end when the player loses lives.

If (playersLives<=0){
//go to "GAME OVER BITCH" scene
} or something. I am clueless about actionscript. Good first try tho.

My name's Gobolatula and I have a cartoon called Erik the Juiceman (www.erikthejuiceman .com) Interests? Uhhh.... Well, I eat, sleep, work on cartoons.... I don't know, I'm a dummy.

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