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My name's Gobolatula and I have a cartoon called Erik the Juiceman (www.erikthejuiceman .com) Interests? Uhhh.... Well, I eat, sleep, work on cartoons.... I don't know, I'm a dummy.

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New Cartoon about Slurpees

Posted by Gobolatula - January 29th, 2008

Wow I didn't know I could post my dumb thoughts on the front page. Welcome to my news update!

HEY GUYS! CHECK OUT MY NEW CARTOON, TURBO SLURPEE WARRIORS!! It's a cartoon about a gang of slurpees helping save their pretzel pal. I hope you like it.

In other news, my cat likes to play with empty cardboard boxes. What a dipshit.

New Cartoon about Slurpees

Comments (11)

heres the comment

Wow.... your cat IS a dipshit.
Also i wish i had a 711 near me.....i miss slurpees.

Where the hell do you live? Somalia?

i watched this on the portal.

loved it then, love it still!

hay! i like cats! and whats wrong with playing with empty cardboard boxes?

Nothing unless the cardboard box is in my room and the cat's really loud when he scratches his dumb nails into it and struggles to get in, resulting in a KATHOOMP KATHOOMP SCRATCH KATHOOMP meow KATHOOOMP. Real annoying when you're watching classic Sandler movies after a long day's work.

Stupid cat of mine.

Buy one hot dog get one free ... If I PAY for it? I'm there!

I live in Sydney, Australia!
711's are only in the city though, not out in the suburbs where they belong.

that was an amazing cartoon

seriously im favoriting that

well hey dude oh and if the cat bothers you so much why not take the box OUTSIDE your room any way glad to see your still here and see ya later

hell no im going with fat guy

lol well well would u like some tips on art not to be rude im a artist my self :D

Hey man where'd you go?